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Chambers of Commerce

KNA is dedicated to augment business horizons of corporates and HNIs by strategizing a platform for such entities. In order to further their interests, we provide various solutions, inter-alia including

  • Consultancy, incorporation and approvals
  • Taxation/investment protection
  • Legal
  • Cyber security
  • Forensic services
  • Due diligence
  • Compliances
  • Transfer of Technology/manpower
  • Liaising and management
  • Property management
  • Creation of Trust/Society etc
  • Protection of intellectual property rights.

Canada Chapter

KNA is dedicated to provide various services to the residents/body corporates/business entities of Canada (to both Indian nationals as well as aboriginals).

KNA has advised and protected interest of various NRI’s when it comes to safeguarding their interest in property matters in India. It includes both defending as well as prosecuting cases before the court of law and taking out prosecution before the law enforcement agencies (police etc.). Success story of our firm would reveal that large number of persons settled abroad is considered as soft target by their own family members/immediate neighbors/tenants/custodians etc. So as to lay a false claim over properties of such NRIs. Such matters are to dealt with expertise and minimum possible time which can be sured of by correct strategy and decisions.

Management of dispute-free properties is also undertaken by the dedicated professionals, working under the umbrella of KNA where they advise to put the property to its best use by either developing it, commercial renting or by carrying out farming etc. In this process an additional work of maintenance etc is also undertaken.

Our professional at Canada would be able to locally assist the concerns and can coordinate for ease of clients. Mr. Harshdeep singh is a professional, having work experience of 15 years, who can be touched for genuine concerns.