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Commercial Laws — Conveyancing

  • Handling successfully actions of Winding-up and also opposing winding-ups, before High Court.
  • Handling matters pertaining to oppression/mismanagement of the minority shareholders in a company.
  • Handling matters pertaining to Voting Rights of Preference Shareholders, Rights Issue, Misfeasance and malfeasance by the Management etc.
  • Evaluation of proposals with regard to mergers, demergers, slump-sale or sale of assets simpliciter.
  • Assessment of the direct tax implications under various options.
  • Assessment of the implications of sales tax and stamp duty in different States.
  • Advising clients on various issues arising out of the provisions of Companies Act, Foreign Exchange Management Act, Customs and Excise laws, Import and Export Policy of Government of India and other relevant statutes.
  • Drafting of scheme of amalgamations/arrangements and explanatory statement thereon, applications and petitions under section 391 & 394 of the Companies Act, 1956, on behalf of both the Transferor and Transferee companies, for approval of the same in the High Courts concerned.
  • Appearances before the High Courts for getting the Scheme approved.
  • Drafting of notices for convening meetings, resolutions and other documents etc., concerning the proposed merger.
  • Rendering advice on the holding of the shareholders and creditors meetings under the directions of the High Court.
  • Assisting the company in getting the notices approved from the Registrar of High Court and getting the same published in the newspapers as per order of the High Court.
  • Following up with the offices of the Regional Directors, Official Liquidator, Registrar of Companies and Court appointed Chairman for their reports