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Environmental Law

Environmental Regulation attorneys guide you in all areas of environmental law — from protecting your interests in properties with environmental issues to navigating policies and acts that directly affect how you operate. assists our clients with issues under the environmental and natural resource laws that  affect their businesses. We develop strategies to protect and further our clients’ interests at all stages of planning, development, and operation in a wide variety of  cutting-edge environmental and natural resource matters. By understanding your business and objectives, offering practical solutions, and quickly responding to emerging concerns, we offer exceptional perspective and the ability to help you navigate the shifting sands of environmental legislation and policy.

Our comprehensive services cover every facet of environmental concerns, including:

  • Advise clients on an extensive range of environmental matters, including:
    • Identification, allocation, management and disclosure of environmental risk
    • Legal, regulatory and enforcement developments regarding environmental matters, including climate change and sustainability
    • Liabilities arising out of environmental conditions
    • Compliance with statutory and regulatory obligations
  • Counsel clients on litigating and resolving environmental disputes.
  • Assisting with indemnity and insurance issues
  • Practical environmental advice in commercial transactions on risk analysis and reduction, negotiation strategies and developing effective protections and efficient cost-sharing structures;
  • Conducting negotiations with regulatory authorities to resolve environmental issues.