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Kings And Alliance LLP have rich experience in both domestic and international commercial arbitration in most of the business sectors including Construction, Infrastructure, Insurance, Information Technology, Aviation, Banking & Finance, Telecommunications, Power, Textile, etc. The Firm has consistently maintained a strong presence in alternate dispute resolution processes, especially in domestic and international commercial arbitrations.

The firm has bloomed and maintained a diversified client base which includes various National and Multinational Companies, Individuals, Public Sector Companies and Other Institutions. Our firm expertise in various high value and complex arbitrations including Construction Contracts, Export Contracts, Oil and Natural Gas Supply Contracts, Joint Venture Disputes, Supply Contracts, Service Contracts, Technology Contracts, and Investment & Banking Contracts.

Key Areas in which Arbitration Services are offered by our firm:

  • Drafting of Arbitration Agreements
  • Interim Orders under S.9 of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act
  • Reference Orders under S.8 of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act
  • Applications seeking Appointment of Arbitrations under S.11
  • Challenge to Appointment of Arbitrators under S.13
  • Enforcement of Arbitral Awards
  • Application seeking to Set-Aside Arbitral Award under S.34
  • Selection of International Arbitral Seat
  • Selection of suitable international arbitrators
  • Drafting of International Arbitration Agreements
  • Execution of International Awards
  • Selection of Applicable Law
  • Appointment of Arbitrators through Courts
  • Challenging of jurisdictions of Arbitral Institutions
  • Preparation and Filing of Claims & Counter Claims
  • Cross Examination of Expert Witnesses
  • Interim Orders from the Court
  • Corrections in Arbitral Awards
  • Challenging of the Arbitral Awards
  • Arbitration objection before Arbitrator
  • Appeal to Supreme Court of India