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Real Estate

Kings & Alliance LLP helps clients to manage their rights and responsibilities as landowners and to realize the economic potential of the land and buildings. Our lawyers understand your business needs – we’ve been there before. With legal advice that is borne from decades of legal and client-side experience, we know what it is like to walk in your shoes. It advises on commercial transactions such as acquisitions and disposals, leasing, development, joint ventures, estate management and funding arrangements. Our lawyers have extensive experience in all aspects of real estate practice.

Offering a Depth of Experience in Real Estate Transactions

A thorough understanding of the real estate sector and vast experience in dealing with corporations and individuals alike gives our team the expertise to advice clients on various aspects of property transactions in India.

We provide the highest level of legal service while maintaining a practical approach to the task at hand. Team at Kings & Alliance, protects clients’ interests in cases involving:

  • Landlord/tenant disputes and lease agreement violations
  • Homeowners’ and condominium association disputes
  • Construction litigation related to design defect claims, construction liens, payment disputes and insurance claims
  • Annexation, condemnation and inverse condemnation
  • Real estate fraud
  • Breach of purchase and sale agreements
  • Lending disputes and lender liability
  • Municipal code compliance issues
  • Mortgage and Finance Agreements
  • House Tax disputes